Aquarium Themes Using Fish Tank Decorations

Aquarium Themes Using Fish Tank Decorations
Though you first get into the hobby of keeping fish and start your very first aquarium, you would most likely have thrown together a bunch of random fish tank decorations. These may bear been generic aquarium decorations such as rocks and artificial plants, and maybe an ornament or two. But finally you would want to create a solitary aquarium theme that you can be proud of.

The animus concerning designing an aquarium theme is prohibition so much for the fish but more for your own pleasure. I’m sure the fish would appreciate the little hiding pierce or colorful stuff to spin around unless for the most part, they would not accessible the fuss of planning and arranging shipwrecks, pirates and caves.

Before rushing down to the nearest pet shop or surfing an online store, it is best that you figure out what kind of theme you plan to design your fish tank decor around. There are literally hundreds of themes that you could choose from ranging from the common to the down right zany. These include Shipwrecks, Pirates, Asian, Cartoon, Holidays and more.

What we’ll do here is consider at five like the most captivating fishbowl themes that use fish tank decorations that are easy to coup and will denial burn a recess in your pocket. These themes are simple to set up but will distribute you an awesome work of methods that you can be proud of.

In all of our aquarium designs, we will be looking at incorporating triplicity elements to the aquarium design using three types of fish tank decorations; the cave, the ornament and the backdrop. For the cave, we are looking at any large ornament with a hole in it that will allow your fish to swim inside when they need to. It is very important to choose a cave large enough to fit any of your fish rather the larger ones may get baffled surrounded and die.

1. The Plagiarist Theme

The Pirate Theme is an ideal theme to start of with. There are hundreds of Pirate aquarium decorations that you bestow be able to find and you will be spoilt for choice. The first element is the cave. There are bigeminal types of caves that I have seen sold. Unique is a Pirate Ship. You will be able to discovery ships with a spacious meatus in its collocate as if it has been blown up by a cannon. The second type is a replica of a crypt that Pirates hide their treasure in. One of the most awesome that I have seen is a Skull Mountain cave which a huge mind over a cave mouth. For the ornaments, you could choose either skeletal pirates or live pirates. You could also add on a chest about gold to enhance the effect. For the backdrop, you would need a beach or isolate scene. These make the ideal backdrop for a Pirate Theme.

2. The Spongebob Theme

The Spongebob Squarepants sketch has been taking the world by storm for the past bracket of years. Almost everywhere you go, you can find some knick knack, gadget or ornament depicting the little yellow sponge that lives beneath the sea. What makes this cartoon motto as an tank refrain is that the premise for the entire cartoon is life underwater. Spongebob fish cauldron decorations are some of the most colorful and fun. For the cave you have four chief options. The first is a Pineapple House which should go with a figurine of Spongebob. The beta is an Passover Island Head House which should go away with a figurine from Squidward, Spongebob’s neighbour. The third is a hollow rock with a hole which should go with a figurine of Patrick Starfish, Spongebob’s best friend. The lattermost one is The Krusty Krab which should elapse with a figurine of Mr Krabs, Spongebob’s boss. If you have never seen the cartoon, I would recommend watching it first before designing the theme. But I guarantee, if you have kids, they volition love it.

3. The Asian Theme

This is another popular fishbowl theme. What makes it popular is that the base depicts scenes from Asian nature or Asian life and makes a very exotic design. The cave used in an Asian theme is generally a large rock like ornament made to look alike a mountain or a hill. Small artificial plants are place on the rock to intensify the natural look and usually it would also possess a dwarf structure such as a house or a naos on it. In most cases, just having this large talus is good enough because it just looks so complete. But if you have a large tank, you could add on more ornaments such thus replicas concerning wooden houses, pagodas, temples or bridges. Just don’t cloy it instead it will semblance odd. These days you can also buy unique Asian fish pond decor such as Cambodian temple ruins et alii Buddhist statues which look awesome in the tank. The ideal backdrop would be one from an Asian scenery.

4. The Shipwreck Theme

The Shipwreck Theme is probably one of the easiest themes to create because it usually involves only one ornament, the shipwreck. There are two main types of shipwreck aquarium decor sold these days, a complete ship or a ship broken in two pieces. You would get the complete ship if you have a small or medium aquarium. Protasis you swindle a large tank, get the one in two pieces. You would place these apart with one piece in a triviality angle for a better effect. The best part is you do not need any other ornaments for this theme, just maybe some rocks besides plants. The backdrop would be normal a normal fish tank backdrop of an underwater scene. Provided you want something more unique than this, you can now find wrecks of airplanes and submarines instead of ships.

5. The Castle Theme

This is also another standalone, meaning omnipresence you need is the castle and no other ornaments. The castles are beautifully designed and makes a perfect thesis for your little princess. If you do opt for this theme, try to get a castle with holes in them to act as a cave for your fish. Most of the castles I have seen are monolithic ornaments that have denial holes and don’t disburse the fish their much needed hiding hole.

These are five of the best and simplest aquarium themes you can design with a budget almost anyone can afford.