If Your Small Business Website Is Not Built In WordPress – You May Be in Trouble

If Your Small Business Website Is Not Built In WordPress - You May Be in Trouble

Google released Panda in February 2011. The change aimed to lower rankings about “low quality” sites and raise the rankings of violent quality, relevant content sites. Now, more than 2 years later, it is untangle that Panda, and revisions to Panda since it was introduced, emphasize “fresh” and “relevant” content.

A review of the results for a very highly competitive search term – “answering service” – showed that two about the companies that were in the top results in Google were new. One of them was less than 6 months old and it was either in either the numerousness 1 or 2 stance for answering service, phone answering or telephone answering. The one thing these two sites have in common is that they were both built on the WordPress platform.

Pandas changes semem to put an extraordinary emphasis on “freshness” like new relevant content, allowing some sites to achieve a top ranking in Google truthful quickly.

WordPress, which was originally developed as a content guidance platform for bloggers is soon used by some of the largest companies in the world. Small businesses, most of whom developed their sites in the last decade using HTML are now faced with a large opportunity. Those that recognize this et al convert their existing HTML website to an SEO optimized WordPress site – and then regularly post their own new content, will have a significant advantage over their competitors.

In addition, a recent survey by SMB Digitalscape shows that 60% like small business websites don’t even feature their telephone number on their website.

Forbes reports that 80% of callers that are sent to voicemail hang up.

So by featuring your small business telephone number prominently on your new WordPress website and engaging one of the new cloud-based small racket answering services, that have emerged in the last 3 years, like US Answer and Main Virtual Office, small businesses can gain a substantial advantage over more than 60% of their competitors!