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Although the Olive Garden secret menu is often dismissed as inexistent, we dug and discovered simple but delicious menu hacks that you should try. We inform you that almost any item on the menu can be customized.

Watch what happened to an editor who ate only Olive Garden for eight weeks olive garden drink menu alcohol.

  1. Change up Your Sampler Plate

Olive Garden’s appetizer menu has many appealing options. The sampler platter at Olive Garden is a great way for everyone to be happy. If the platter isn’t quite right, your server can customize it. You can ask for any app you like, even double the family favourite. In no time, you’ll be enjoying your sampler platter.

How to make Olive Garden breadsticks at your home.

  1. Create Creamy Minestrone

This Olive Garden secret menu hack will help you if you are obsessed with soups, salads, and breadsticks. You can customize your soup by asking for half of a potato soup and half of a made-from-scratch minestrone serving in the same cup or bowl. It’s a great soup!

This Olive Garden copycat minestrone will satisfy your cravings for the classic minestrone recipe.

  1. ‘Tis Always the Season

Olive Garden is well-known for its iconic and delicious seasonal dishes. Remember the Meatball Pizza Bowl? The menu changes are not something to be grieved. The chefs will gladly make special dishes if the kitchen has all the ingredients. The fan-favourite chicken Florentine can be made all year. Ask for chicken fettuccine and spinach.

  1. Swap Your Sauce

This hack is for you if you like a particular combination of flavours or a specific dish but don’t love the sauce. You can hold the dressing in any order, even swap it for your favourite. For example, chicken Parmesan with Alfredo sauce makes for a delicious cheesy dish.

  1. Pick Your Protein

You can add any protein to your dish, just like sauces. Olive Garden’s kitchen staff are happy to oblige, so you can double the chicken or swap out the beef for shrimp.

  1. Chuck the Chicken

You can always skip the meat if you eat a meal with vegetarian or vegan friends. If you feel less satisfied after eating, you can ask for more vegetables. They will usually do this for no charge since there isn’t any meat.

  1. Enhance Your Salads

Olive Garden allows you to add grilled chicken and shrimp to any salad, just like most restaurants. You can also request the Chicken Parm chicken for your salad. To give your salad some crunch, you can request Shrimp Fritta. This is the most amazing Olive Garden secret menu trick we have ever heard of!

  1. Get the Secret Sauce

Zeppoli is only one of many amazing desserts on the menu. We love the chocolate sauce, but they also have a secret raspberry sauce which can be requested. Rumours suggest that other flavours may be available at different locations.

  1. Skip the Cheese

You can ask your waiter to bring your meal without cheese, whether you are trying to reduce the amount of dairy in your diet or don’t like the taste of dairy. It’s so simple.

  1. Redo the Ravioli

This hack is not possible at every Olive Garden. However, you can customize ravioli at certain locations. (Yes, really!) The cooks are willing to make minor adjustments or customize the filling to your liking. It’s possible to stuff your pasta in the morning at some places, but it is not always possible.

Are you hungry for more? You can cook your way through this collection of Olive Garden copycat recipes!

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